Outdoor Kitchens



Strong enough to handle the weather

When looking to purchase outdoor kitchen cabinets the most important thing to ensure is that the materials used will withstand the environment you live in. Our cabinets are made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and are paired with stainless steel hardware. Sourced locally and built in the USA we take pride in the product we provide.

Custom crafted to match your style

By using HDPE we have the ability to provide multiple colors, Door styles and custom cabinet sizes to ensure you’re getting the most out of your space.

After dinner clean up is easy

Whether you’re entertaining a party or just looking to take your daily cooking routine to the beautiful outdoors, our kitchens help keep you focused on what’s important: more time cooking and less time cleaning. Because HDPE is waterproof, cleaning can be as simple as rinsing it down.

Built from 30 years of experience

When it comes to the structural design of our cabinets we make sure to put our cabinets to the test. Taking over 30 years of woodworking experience and cabinet design we build our outdoor kitchens to last. Our construction methods give your cabinets that extra strength needed to handle harsh weather and heavy use.

Partner with Dovetail Commercial

You don’t have to be stressed about finding a commercial cabinet partner you can rely on. Partner with Dovetail Commercial to get your quality, timeframe and price demands met - the best cabinets without the stress.
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