Wall-Mount Brackets Shown
Leg-Mount Brackets Shown

Standard Features:

  • ¾” Build-up Material for extra strength
  • ½” Plywood Top Material for a smooth writing surface
  • Easy to clean laminated top and edge
  • **Heavy Duty Wall-mount brackets or Leg-Mount brackets available upon request

Details and Specifications:

  • Available in many standard sizes as well as custom sizes to meet any needs or requirements
  • Standard Formica Laminate Colors include:
    • - White 949-58 Matte
    • - Grey-stone 464-58 Matte
    • - Natural Oak 346-58 Matte
    • - Black Oak 3485-58 Matte
    • - **NEW** Bleached Legno 8845-58 Matte
    • - **NEW** Storm 912-58 Matte
    • - Wild Cherry 5904-43 Artisan Finish
  • Specialty WILSONART or FORMICA Laminate Upgrade Available
  • PVC T-Molding around Countertop edge Available

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